Getting Started With Compojure

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Compojure is a great web framework written in Clojure. Although in its infancy, the project has a lot of promise. The best part is that getting started is a snap!

The only thing you need to have installed on your system is Java and Ant. Everything else is taken care of for you by Compojure. To make things even simpler I have provided a script that does all of the project setup for you. Let’s take a look.

After you have downloaded the script, make sure to make it executable (chmod +x compojure) then run it:

compojure <project name>

where project name is whatever you want it to be. The script will download Compojure and it’s dependencies, do a fresh build, and copy all of the necessary dependencies for your project into the directory you specified. It will then leave you with a <project name>.clj file that has a “Hello World” example built right in. When the script finishes running just run:


and go to http://localhost:8080. You are now up and running on Compojure! To get a better idea of how to work with Compojure you can check out this site.