Craftsman Swap - Day 2

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Context and situational awareness are a very important key to working well with others, and day two of my journey solidified that idea. The day started off similar to my first day. I was excited to be working with Ryan on Mad Mimi for another day. Having a better understanding of how Ryan works and how things at Obtiva flow during the day helped me concentrate more on getting real work done. After the morning standup Ryan and I were off to new feature development. We started off by writing tests for importing csv lists of recipients or “audience members” for email campaigns. Ryan had already done a lot of the leg work and refactoring, so it was all about tying a bow around things. Ryan and I were into a good pairing groove and the morning seemed to fly by.

Lunch time brought about a tradition that every company should adopt. Obtiva calls this tradition Geekfest, which is a “lunch and learn” style gathering where someone gives a talk on something new. I know that a lot of people do this informally, but Obtiva has made this a regular event and I applaud the effort that can go into to herding a bunch of developers in a room during the work week. I was also surprised to see the actual number of employees that Obtiva has. If it weren’t for Geekfest I probably wouldn’t have been able to meet all the other developers that work on site during the week. I gave a presentation on compojure, a Sinatra like web framework for clojure.

The day rounded out with Ryan and I making some UI enhancements and finishing up the feature from the morning. Since the deployment strategy involves multiple servers, keeping the csv lists around for batch processing presented an interesting deployment issue. We wrote out a few ideas for deployment solutions and then got in contact with Rails Machine to get their opinion so we could start prepping for the feature release.

Since this was my last day pairing with Ryan we ended the day with a retrospective to talk about how our pairing experience went. A few others sat in to offer outside perspectives and chat about initial impressions and what could be better throughout the rest of the week. This was a great way to end the day and pump me up for what’s to come!