As I looked upon the tragic remains of my site I realized that while I have made plenty of things over the past few years I have failed to keep up with writing about them or the software industry in general. I enjoy writing and I am making a conscious effort to make time to do it on a more regular basis.

I also realized that as I dusted the blog off I was using a severely old version of Octopress and almost nothing worked anymore when I tried to create new content. I recently came across Hugo and decided to give it a try. Porting things over was a breeze. I found the choice of themes lacking but I can work on prettying things up once I start actually producing content again. I also nuked most of my old posts. I just didn’t see a reason to keep technically outdated or irrelevant posts around. If there was a post you really wanted to see again just let me know. Like an elephant, git never forgets.

Along with getting back to posting I am going to catalog presentations I have done over the years. They are currently scattered and even I sometimes have trouble finding them. The conferences themselves also have interesting things about them that I like to keep note of and this will help with provide a place to reference other great talks and people to look up as well.

Looking forward to doubling down on this and sharing more with everyone!